Why Have a Coffee Service?

What Are The Benefits?

A coffee service can benefit you in many ways.

 - Coffee is a proven productive drink.

 - Coffee keeps employees more alert, and actually improves company morale.

 - Employees are not spending time running to the store on company time, while you pay them, to get supplies. What are you paying them per hour to get supplies?

 - Equipment is free. Commercial machines can cost many hundred, even thousands of dollars, out of your pocket.

 - Parts, Maintenance, and replacement of equipment is free. Repairs, service calls, and labor can add up into the hundreds,even a thousand, very quickly. As the Machine ages, it needs regular maintenance. 

 - Commercial coffee and retail coffee is not created equal. Many retail coffees have fillers in them, which is not even coffee at all, put in to add weight. Canned coffee is roasted different, and actually takes more coffee in weight, to achieve the same  brew with less commercial coffee.

 - Imperial Coffee's Royal Select Coffee is 100% Arabica Beans, which give full flavor, and no bitter or acid taste. Robusta beans are cheaper, and used for filler or in some cases, 100% of the blend. Many canned coffees, and even packaged, are a large percent Robusta.

 - While it's not possible to grow Coffee here in Michigan, All of our private label coffee comes from a Michigan facility, roasted and packaged by a multiple generation family. Other coffee we sell also comes from Michigan facilities.

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