Imperial Coffee Service, Inc.

Exceeding Expectations Since 1979

About Us

Our Roots

Imperial Coffee Service has roots back to the mid 70's.

Our President, Bill had always worked in sales his whole life. A friend and neighbor had a vending business that he wanted to expand, and take on OCS (Office Coffee Service). And so the journey began...

OCS was a new thing back in the mid 70's, and Bill took it on head first, and enjoyed it's success. Coffee services didn't have trucks to deliver products, it was all done via UPS. You never saw your customers, you never built a relationship, except the phone. Bill and his new company had the idea to deliver the product personally, build the relationship, and clean the equipment. The new concept was taken in with arms open, and the Bill was part of the revolution of the new age of Coffee Service.

In 1979, Bill decided to go on his own, as did other employees. Bill is the only one left that did so.

The 80's brought a huge growth in the coffee industry in the Metro Detroit Area. As many as 40 OCS companies were in the tri-county area. Today only a handful remain. Many things have changed in the industry, but Service and Quality still remain at Imperial Coffee Service.

Bill had a few different employees over the years, but in 1987, his son Tim came into the company. Tim had different ideas to improve, but of course stay with Quality and Service. Tim computerized the business for organization, as well as custom printed invoices for each customer. 

Bill and Tim are still running the company today. Family owned - family operated. Bills wife, Kathy, can be seen at the phones daily.

38 years later, a lot has changed in business, but not the service and quality. In today's world, price seems to be what most want. Companies play games, switch coffees on customers, or frequently change their suppliers for coffee, yet leave the same packaging, and never tell the customer. Some people even claim a certain blend of more expensive bean, when in fact, it's not.

Bill and Tim still cater to Quality Coffee, and Quality Service. We still use many of the same vendors, right here in the Metro Detroit area. Our custom blend of coffee, is also roasted right here in the Metro area, by a multiple generation family business. Roasted and packaged the same way for decades and decades, just like Bill and Tim still do it.

No Games. No junk. Just quality and service from a Family that cares about coffee.